• CBD Rose Hydrosol
  • CBD Rose Hydrosol

CBD Rose Hydrosol


We cannot say enough about this CBD and organic rose infused hydrosol.

Cordial Organics is a new generation of wellness and beauty products formulated with CBD. Their intention is to restore the whole body, not just improve symptoms. All of their product ingredients are expertly blended to have a specific effect not only on your internal and external body but your emotional state as well. They have achieved this through extensive research as well as dedicated and careful testing by real people. By creating their proprietary compounds in small batches they maintain a superior level of quality in all their products that you will certainly notice.

To use this hydrosol, liberally mist skin after cleansing or apply throughout the day to freshen and tone your face. This product is food and drink safe!

Other Uses:

  • Add it to your favorite clay mask

  • Use it as a room spray

  • Spray into a tea or cocktail for a rosey twist

  • Spritz it on top of your water for a uplifting aromatic way to hydrate

  • Clean off your yoga mat